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The Miscellaneous Video Collection

Last update: 25th July 2004


These video clips are encoded using the DivX and MP3 codecs, you will need both of these installed on your system in order to view and hear the files. Chances are you'll already have a MP3 codec, but many people still don't seem to have DivX. If you're one of these people (you'll know if you are when you try watching one of these clips and all you get is a blank screen with the audio playing away quite happily), then you should visit the DivX homepage and download the appropriate codec for your system. Note that for playback you only need the free codec, not the Pro version.
DivX Homepage

Note to existing DivX users: I am now using the 5.2.1 codec to compress videos - if you are able to view older clips but not the more recent ones, you may need to update your codec.

And now read this :-)

Please download the files and play them from your local drive, don't try playing them directly from this site - if you download first, then your playback experience will be much better (no risk of any net hiccups causing playback to skip or break up), and if you want to watch the file again then you won't need to wait for it to download again. It'll also free up my server bandwidth for other users, giving more people a chance to view the videos.

And please don't try direct-linking to these files from other sites, because it simply won't work. If you like these videos enough to want to share them with other people, give them a link to this page instead.

Miscellaneous videos

  • The reason this site exists...
    ...AKA the infamous Wannabe Backflip ;-)
    (0m02 - 166KB) : Download
  • Grog's close encounter with a cymbal - from GMTV, 30th May 2003
    (0m14 - 3028KB) : Download
  • French and Saunders "Goin' Down" sketch
    (2m54 - 3754KB) : Download

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